2GB Radio

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2GB Radio

2GB Radio 873 AM, Listen Live Stream

Station2GB Radio
GenreEntertainment, News, Sports And Talk
First Air Date1926

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2GB Radio Live is a very famous radio station in Australia. This radio station is strategically located in the city of Sydney, Australia. And it is considered as one of the most listened radio stations in Australia. If you’re in Sydney right now, you’ll surely find someone who likes and listens to 2GB-Radio every day.

2GB-Radio Station was established in the year 1926. And as it was owned and managed by the Theosophical Broadcasting Station.

This branch was licensed to broadcast in Sydney. By the end of the year 1933, Its became the first radio station in Australia to broadcast transcriptional records. Now this was the world’s first and largest transmission of written records. Moving on, the station was now again controlled by Denison Estates in the year 1936.

It was recognized by Denison as a major player in 2GB Radio’s “Golden Age of Australian Radio”. and included a variety of local shows as well as international music.

The station also featured some of the largest drama programs in the Southern Hemisphere until the late 1940s. And even during World War II, the station continued to make its records.

Then it underwent many changes over the next few decades! Today this 2gb radio station is managed by Fairfax Media.  And two interesting teams were also formed by Fairfax: Joe 2GB and 2UE! What we listen to today is only from 2GB radio. (2UE currently has this non-functional.)

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