Radio Dhoom

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Radio Dhoom

Radio Dhoom Raigarh – रायगढ़ का अपना रेडियो स्टेशन

StationDhoom Raigarh
Frequency Modulation89.6 MHz
GenreCity-centric Content, New, And Old music

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Radio Dhoom 89.6 FM Raigarh रायगढ़ का अपना रेडियो स्टेशन by Janmitram Kalyan Samiti. Its telecast time: 6 am to 11 pm. – It’s tag line is “ये है दिल से दिल की ट्यून” – Radio-Dhoom 89.6 FM brings innovative programming, city-centric content and new, old music to its listeners, so tune in and enjoy this radio station Let’s take

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